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What To Consider Before Buying An Overseas Property?

Buying an overseas property can be both an exciting and daunting experience. It is a big decision to make so you should carefully consider the following points before you even start your property search.

What do you want from this property? If you are buying to live permanently or spend a substantial part of the year in this property your requirements will be different to just buy a holiday home. You can buy furnished properties in Bondi Beach via

Do you want this property to provide you with an income, short-term profit or is it a long-term investment for your retirement. Think carefully about exactly what you want this property to do for you because one property cannot provide all of the above.

Your reason for buying a property abroad will largely determine the location. If you are buying a permanent home it should be in a place you are already familiar with and can speak the language with some confidence.

You will also need to consider the distance and ease of travel for family and friends who will want to keep in touch – and get a cheap holiday at the same time!

If it is for your holidays or renting for an income, remember that cost, ease, and reliability of travel to the property are an important factor for many when choosing a holiday destination.

If buying for investment purposes only, then you could consider buying in an up and coming area, or as yet 'undiscovered paradise', as the return on your investment could be potentially bigger. However, remember the risks could be higher in an unproven location if it does not become popular or the political landscape changes dramatically.

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