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Different Surfboards For Different Surfers

Published / by Donald Brooks

With the arrival of summer comes along the excitement of people to have fun at the beach that also raises the demand for surfboards, bikinis and more.

But if you are among those who are yet not aware of the fun of surfboard, check a quick lesson on what exactly surfboard is.

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In the market, you will get various types of surfboards, designed for different use.

There are some people who are expert in paddling, while others love the pressure of surfing with tricky waves. There are some boards too which are specially designed for the beginners.

Longboard: Longboard is one of the oldest surfboards. It is considered as the best custom surfboards which are long and can grip the length of 12 feet.

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It is wide and thick enough to provide the stability to the surfer. These are mainly famous among beginners as they find this easy to handle. The extra volume and mass of the board make it easy to paddle resulting in smooth surfing.

It is suggested that beginners should start with this board and then try out others after becoming an expert.

Shortboard: Shortboard is designed for the advanced surfers who are expert in tackling the waves. Length of this type of board doesn’t exceed more than 7 feet.

It has a sharp nose and square type tail. These are lighter in weight which allows a change in quick movement of position, unlike longboard.

You can also buy surf accessories wholesale price and enjoy your surfing movements.

Fish: This surfboard is shorter in length as compared to a shortboard and has a wider body with a swallowtail.

It is perfect for catching small to medium waves which help the surfer to maintain speed while paddling.

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It is not easy to handle surfboard for beginners. Navigate to this website to check out how you can rule the waves through surfing.

Funboard: Funboard is similar to the longboard in many aspects such as length and easiness of learning. This is the best option for the beginners.