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Essential Supplements for Racehorses

Section supplements in place many retailers horses wide and can occupy a reasonable space in most rooms trainer feed as well. The main question is where the necessary supplements.

In some cases, there is a fairly obvious choice as Hoof Hoof Aid Powder and Liquid Help for horses with the poor nail, adding calcium to eat horses, especially on wheat. You can buy supplements from

However, most horses, fortunately, "normal". This is combined with a fully balanced feed meal and good hay or haylage brings us to the question we need to add supplements to the diet has been balanced?

Balancing a Balanced Diet!

There are three main "hole" in the majority of commercially available feeds:

  • electrolyte
  • vitamin B
  • vitamin E


Electrolytes should be added to the daily diet of all horses in training. When the horse's working muscles generate heat, to prevent overheating hot horse's need to escape.

In the horse temperature regulation as a result of sweating. (There are many differences between different species, such as dogs pant and sweat like a horse.)

Horses Pre-Race Activator - Lactic Acid Muscle Enzyme Inhibitor

Sweating will reduce the core body temperature of the horse but also lead to dehydration and loss of electrolytes.

B Vitamin Supplements for Horses

Vitamin B group, in fact, a lot of vitamins. Vitamin B is not added to many a balanced diet. This is because the horses make their own Vitamin B, in the colon and then absorb it. Add enough dietary fiber to ensure that the large intestine is as efficient as possible and produce lots of vitamin B.

Vitamin E Supplements for Horses

Another "hole" in the balance of the horse balanced feed is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of the main stone bases healthy muscles and lack of vitamin E in the diet have been linked directly with muscle problems and weaknesses for decades.

Most of the performance and racing feed has at least the recommended daily allowance for vitamin E and often contain more. Continuing research into the role Vitamin.