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Essential Gears Required For Go-kart Racing

Published / by Donald Brooks

In early days motor racing is not accessible to the public who just want to enjoy the motor racing as a fun activity. Even today high ranking sports such as FIA Formula 1, FIA Formula 2 are not available to the public.

But go-kart racing is the most accessible form of motor racing available to the public. Unlike other forms of motor racing, go-kart racing is not too costly. It is affordable and available for everyone. Go-kart racing is available for people of all age groups.

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In go-kart racing, kart can travel up to 150mph. Any unfortunate accident can costs life as well. Training is quite important to enjoy motor racing. Apart from the professional training before you hit the racing track, even for practicing the first thing you need is safety gears. Without the appropriate racing gears, it is not possible for the individual to even practice the sport.  

Sports shops Melbourne offers the wide range of go-kart racing gears. Because go-kart racing is open wheel motorsport, safety has always given the uttermost importance. Even if you are playing the sport for fun without safety gears you are not allowed to hit the track.

You need to purchase the following essential racing gears for go-kart racing:

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Racing suit

Go kart race suits are specially designed to resist the pressure exerted by air. Racing suits are flame resistant to avoid the damage to the skin.


In spite of relatively lower speeds of karts in go-kart racing as compared to other motor racing sports, any accident is dangerous to life. The essential thing you need to buy is the helmet. Do not purchase the substandard cheap fiberglass helmets which provide less protection against impact.

Apart from this additional gears provide the extra safety. You can also browse this website to know more about the go-kart racing gears.