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Don’t Forget Your Animals When Planning For A Disaster

For the average family when planning for a disaster we just think about people in our lives. We often do not think about our pets. Or in some cases our farm animals. But they also need to be included in our planning. You can browse to know more about the crisis recovery fund.

Often this type of disaster command whether we stay at home and a place to stay or to leave our homes and find shelter elsewhere. If we stay home we need to make sure that we have enough food, water and possibly medication for each of our pets or livestock.

I have eleven cats. Some of them have food and special medication needs can lead to death if they do not have it. With the hurricane season approaching I ensure that I have enough food, water and medicine for the past 2 weeks.

Just as human beings our animal shelter could be damaged or destroyed during the disaster and you will have to make a shelter after a disaster. Our pet may need a shelter that contained (my cat indoor cats) and farm animals we might be able to make do with a fenced in area. It requires the necessary materials on hand to do it.

If we have to leave our home we have to identify the location where we could move our animals before any disaster. Plus we need to identify what transportation would be needed to move them to that location and that location had stocked with food, medicine and water ahead of the disaster.