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Tag: 4×4 Accessories for Cars

Different Types of 4×4 Accessories for Cars

Published / by Donald Brooks

Several people use 4×4 accessories to transform their vehicle into their dream car. This is why these accessories have become fashion icon among many people.

You can find a variety of these accessories online. Some accessories are only used to upgrade the car looks and some are used to make a car comfortable while driving. If you too want to transform your car, it might be worthwhile to 4×4 accessories Sydney online store.

Types of 4X4 accessories:

4×4 air compressors: It is a useful accessory to fit in your car. It provides many advantages in spite of driving, camping or beach driving. Air compressors allow you to re-inflate your tires at any time, and also provide safety precaution for the necessary punctures.

Types of air compressors:

ARB high output compressor
ARB twin compressor
ARB air locker activation system

4X4 canopies: Canopies are used to increase storage space and capacity in a car. ARB’s overall canopy range includes two different modifications i.e. classic design and the Sprint canopy. If you are looking to increase your storage space, 4X4 canopies are the best option for you.

Types of 4X4 canopies
Ascent Canopy
Classic Canopy
Ute Lid
Sprint Canopy

4X4 dual batteries: To keep your car batteries in the best condition you can use 4X4 dual batteries.These batteries are charged, maintained and monitored accurately. In 4X4 accessories, a wide range of inverters is available to safely run these batteries.

Types of 4X4 dual batteries
AUX battery kits
Redarc 12 volt charging system

4X4 roof racks: Some trips are not possible without the roof racks. ARB roof racks are used to place large and bulky items that are not fit into the back of the vehicle.

Types of 4X4 roof racks
Deluxe roof racks
Steel cab racks
canopy roof racks and bars
Touring racks
Steel cab racks
Trade racks

You can buy all these accessories online but before buying these accessories do a good amount of research to save a lot of money. You may visit this website to know more about 4X4 car accessories.