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Prevent Construction Site Accidents

Hazardous working conditions are responsible for a large number of construction injuries and deaths. According to the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) construction sector reported more than thousands of accidents in 2011.

Although the rate of injuries and fatalities construction is decreasing since 2009, the numbers remain important which are in turn affects employers (contractors / builders) in the form of strong compensation claims. You can checkout Texas construction site security services online.

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This situation clearly indicates the need for implementation of preventive measures at all construction sites to prevent injuries and deaths. In this article, we will discuss some tips to prevent accidents at construction sites.

If you can identify areas prone to risk and preventive measures such as using aids mechanical lifting areas, minimizing construction materials on site, providing separate containers for disposing of waste, the use of wireless equipment, using signs to warn workers on wet soil and the change in surface levels, etc., can effectively reduce slips and trips.

• Preventing Falls: falls from height are the biggest cause of injury death or serious works of construction. These incidents also result in huge compensation claims.

Some preventative, such as adequate planning and organization of work, the use of suitable equipment, using strong scaffolding or platform instead ensuring adequate protection of the edges, etc., can reduce the number of falls measures.

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