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How To Create The Illusion Of A Bigger Space By Installing Tiles?

Published / by Donald Brooks

Whether you except it or no, but not all of us have the luxury to have our ideal size for every room in the house.

So, folks have you ever though upon making these not-so-big spaces feel bigger?

Well, read out these 3 tile design ideas mentioned below for your consideration that can actually create the illusion of a much larger space. These ideas are prescribed by famous floor tilers Perth:

1. Stick with the color tile

While picking tile for your small sized area, whether it’s your laundry area or balcony, pick one tone and smear it to the whole space.

Placing the same color tile on floor and walls creates a leak inside the room and will consequently offering more spacious feel.

2. Select a format tile that is sized

Composed with the color, the magnitudes of the tile are equally as significant. Once you have chosen your desired color, it is then time to choose a size.

Be careful while choosing the size to go for a bigger sized custom tile art such as a 600×600. This will allow for grout joints that are less as well as the dimensions of the tile will reflect upon the size of this room.

There is one more advantage of mounting large format tiles is that they generate a spendthrift and atmosphere that is lavish

3. Do tile selection for a color grout

After you’ve chosen your tile that is perfect, it is time for selection of color grout. Electing an incompatible grout color to your own tile will create burden on the grout lines and consequently make the room feel uneven and restricted.

If the grout and tiles are of comparable or the same tone it will enhance the spacious impression you are searching for.

Read blogs and reviews online about picking the right tile and grout to make your small space bigger.

That may have been a whole lot to deliberate in. This is why we highly inspire you to visit your nearest Tiles store to pick tiles of your choice. From tile experts to design fans our staff is dedicated in discovering  your ideal tile for your dream space.