Alps Road Tour

Discover a different world…


You are a passionate biker and why not “Harleyist” in the soul. A trapper in leather and denim, nostalgic chaps, able to swallow the bitumen to the sound of the regular purring of a beautiful machine. Alps Road Tour makes the dream come true with the realization of circuits in Harley-Davidson through the most beautiful villages of France or the discovery of traditional Alsace or the pleasure to ride on the most beautiful roads of the alpine arc with the Nest D’Aigle for goal. With your guide, followed by the logistics support vehicle, you will succumb to the charm of the landscapes, enter famous historical places while tasting a renowned gastronomy. And to take full advantage of a tailor-made formula tailored to your desires where conviviality remains the key word, you will be staying in luxurious hotels.

Circuits to be graced by convivial atmospheres of discoveries of unique sites, enhanced by a refined gastronomy and prestigious cultural places.

A luxury craftsman based in Geneva, internationally renowned, we will make this trip a very emotional moment.



• A guided tour of the entire circuit
• Transport from Bern Airport (Switzerland) on departure day to the Harley dealership in Thun, a 20-minute drive to take over the motorcycle
• A logistical support vehicle throughout the circuit
• Nights in 3 or 4 star hotels with half board, with evening meal (1/4 wine per person) and breakfast provided by the establishment concerned.
• Transport of the concession to Berne airport on the day of departure
• Taxes of stay


In case of hiring, the entire Harley-Davidson range is available. However, there are also touring models for maximum comfort.
Price: 150 € – 250 CHF / DAY (depending on the choice of the trip), for 300 kilometers per day with full insurance included.

Price for 3 days

Price for 5 days

Price for 7 days

Price for 10 days

Price for 15 days

450 € / 600.- CHF ( according to choice of trip)

750 € / 1 100.- CHF ( according to choice of trip)

950 € / 1 500.- CHF ( according to choice of trip)

1 350 € / 2 200.- CHF ( according to choice of trip)

1 850 € / 3 000.- CHF ( according to choice of trip)


You will be staying in 3 or 4 star hotels equipped with swimming pool, sauna-hammam, nestled in resting frames.
You will appreciate the comfort and serenity of the place after having swallowed long distances of bitumen.
You will be staying in 2 or 3 star hotels for comfort hotels.


• ALPS ROAD TOUR Sarl has professional liability insurance.

Offer does not include:

• Airline tickets
• The provision of a helmet or a combination of rain (rental option at the dealership) or other technical clothing to fly or ride on a motorcycle
• Lunch
• The Fuel
• Entries at the planned visits
• Drinks breaks during stops on the course